VAC Bans

We allow users to connect if they have 1 or less VAC/Game bans, as long as the 1 ban is older than 120 days. Anything younger and you will be banned instantly. You may appeal when your ban exceeds 120 days.

Rustnecks reserves the right to ban any group associated with a recently VAC/Game banned member due to association.

Reporting Cheaters/Hackusations

Rust is an alpha game, BS/glitchy behavior can and will happen. If you suspect a player of cheating DO NOT discuss it in public chat, gather as much info as you can, join our Discord and type the command !report in any of our discord server chats or message a Server Administrator.

Calling out a hacker in-game chat is the easiest way to get them to toggle off if they are actually hacking. As such, repeated hackusations in public chat will net you a swift mute and/or ban if you continue to hackusate. Privately report it to a server administrator on our Discord and do not discuss your report elsewhere. We will deal with it. Help us help you!

Offensive Language/Content

Our admins are very neutral when it comes to "offensive" language, as such we will allow the chat to run free providing no spam occurs. Words are just words, but if you continue to spam/clog up the chat you will most likely be muted.

Ban appeals

Evading a ban without making a ban appeal will cause your alternate accounts/groups associated to get banned, and we will no longer accept appeals from you. If you wish to appeal a ban you may appeal here and we will get in touch. Once you have made an appeal join our Discord and let an administrator/server owner know you have appealed.


As long as you arent hacking and what you do is doable in the game without external assistance, have fun.